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The posting board is not meant to replace the serious discussion that can take place in the more "closed" environment of email lists, but is a place to share those things which are of more public interest, educational value, and just plain fun. It is also hoped that it will be a resource in times of technical trouble with a listserv, in order to keep members apprised of developments.

Non-list members are as free to post and view posts as are listmembers, this area is public, and everyone is welcome to post material appropriate to the topics presented.

Achievements and Brags May 19 - 06:48 am

Feel free to post show and other wins, special experiences where your Irish Wolfhound just shone, as well as other brags, in this area. Note that anything resembling puppy announcements or hounds for sale will be removed from this forum.

Great Health Links May 14 - 05:27 am

Please browse the posts in this topic for interesting sites dealing with Health Issues in Irish Wolfhounds, Sighthounds, and/or Giant Breeds. If you have come across such a site, feel free to post it here. A short review along with the URL will be appreciated :-) .

Our hounds May 23 - 11:13 pm

This is a place for you to share your hounds. Photos in .gif or .jpg format may be uploaded. Suggested dimensions for easy viewing for everyone would be anything that fits in a 300 by 300 pixel square and is not much smaller than 200 pixels in either width or height. The board will accept any .gif or .jpg up to 50Kb in filesize. For hints on preparing images for upload, see the Picture Perfect Checklist.

List Alert May 03 - 03:17 am

Check this area when any Irish Wolfhound Mailing List seems to be down, list owners and administrators are welcome to use this area to post details and announcements about the functioning of their list.

System Announcements May 07 - 02:10 am

Test Messages May 23 - 10:49 pm

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